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FRIDAY, 27TH SEPTEMBER 2019 - Hilton amsterdam Hotel - Ballroom




The 32nd World LPG Forum & 2019 European congress hosted the first international edition of the Autogas Day, highlighting the opportunities for Autogas at a global level while looking at exceptional initiatives from a local perspective.

The Autogas Day initiative had its first local edition in 2018 in the Netherlands, organised by the Dutch Association VVG/Platform Autogas, in order to increase awareness for driving on Autogas among its target groups and stakeholders. In the challenging environment for Autogas in the Netherlands a team including 52 conversion centers and several LPG-filling stations reached out to decision makers, media outlets, fleet managers, car dealers, leasing companies, corporate customers, students, and general consumers to maximise its impact. 

Its success will now be shared among other countries worldwide seeing as Autogas is high on the agenda for the first international Autogas Day. In addition, it was part of the 32nd World LPG Forum & 2019 European Congress focusing on market situations, technology and innovation.

Autogas Day provided an exceptional opportunity to hear and share the latest Autogas innovations, market situations, experiences, as well as networking opportunities.





Welcome and Introduction

Mr. James Rockall, CEO and Managing Director – WLPGA
Mr. Berry den Ridder, Chairman Platform Autogas – VVG Netherlands


Global Autogas Market trends

Mr. Trevor Morgan, Managing Director – Menecon Consulting


New developments in the Autogas Systems

Mr. John Wouters, Sales Director – Prins Autogassystemen
Mr. Peter Rutten, Managing Director – Vialle Autogas Systems
Mr. Paolo Ferrero, Vice President Strategic Business Development – Landi Renzo
Mr. Marco Seimandi, IAM Sales Director – BRC/Westport Fuel Systems


Coffee Break 


OEM views on the Autogas market

Mr. Loïc Bouttier, Chief Vehicle Engineer LPG/CNG  –  Renault Group
Mr. Fabio Vesentini, Vice President OEM LD & CEO –  EMER
Mr. Petr Dolejsi, Mobility and Sustainable Transport Director –  ACEA


The road ahead for Autogas, what’s next?

“BioLPG – The Next Sustainable Fuel?” - Mr. Walter Delage, Sustainability Manager – Primagaz France (SHV Energy)
“Autogas in Korea: a Success Story” - Ms. Pil-Jae Lee, President –  KLPGA
“Autogas in Spain: a Success Story” - Mr. Jose Luis Blanco, Director-General – Cluster de Autogas Spain
“Towards a Sustainable Autogas Market” - Ms. Gülem Kaya Özden, Brand Manager – Aygaz A.S., Turkey


Kick-off - International Autogas Day

“How small steps lead to international impact” - Ms. Angelique Berden, Marketing Director – Westport Fuel Systems


Closing and Lunch


(Please note: registrations for Autogas Day can only be done until the 26th September. Registrations will not be available on Friday 27th September, so be sure to register ahead of the day)

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