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Friday, September 27th 

From 8:30am to 1:00pm at the Hilton Amsterdam



HudsonCyber facilitators, Mr. Chronis Kapalidis and Mr Mark Lopes, along with a senior manager from AON, will deliver and facilitate a two-part workshop that will include a general cyber risk awareness briefing followed by an interactive exercise.  The workshop is designed to increase awareness of cyber risk and fill in the knowledge gaps for executive & non-executive and information & non-information technology staff.


Part I of the workshop will consist of up-front presentation introducing the audience to foundational cybersecurity concepts, an introduction to common cyber threat vectors and related terminology, and an introduction to and review of specific to the LPG industry cyber risk factors and challenges.  This first part will include an update on the latest regulatory postures, applicable industry trends, cyber threat updates, relevant case studies, the role of threat intelligence informing company cybersecurity, insurance considerations, strategies and lessons-learned for stakeholders to consider.


Part II of the event will comprise a hands-on, interactive workshop involving all the audience participants.   Depending on the number of attendees, participants will be divided into four individual working groups, with each group given a unique organization profile to work with.  Activities will consist of role-playing for both defense and attack (e.g. “red teaming”), with the latter incorporating 3 – 4 specific injects.  Each group will designate a Writer and a Briefer.  At the completion of the exercise, each group’s Briefer will present their group's circumstances, tactics used, findings, and specific lessons-learned. 


HudsonCyber will provide the survey in advance for participants to complete prior to their arrival.  Electronic and paper version options will also be provided.


Following completion of the onsite workshop activities, HudsonCyber will process and analyze all collected pre-workshop surveys and post-workshop feedback data and provide a summary of findings in a post-workshop report. The intent of this is to provide participants with deeper insight into the condition of pre-workshop cybersecurity awareness, and this will further serve as a training baseline against which to measure future progress.


Training Certificates will be provided at the conclusion of the workshop to all attendees.



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Welcome Coffee & Registration

Introduction to the Workshop


Briefing: Introduction to Cyber Risk & Emergent converged Risk

- Introduction to Cybersecurity for the LPG Industry
- Cyber Risk & The role of Cyber Threat Intelligence
- Cuber Insurance: Do you really need it?

11:00am-11:15am Coffee Break



Red Team Exercice:

- Team breakout sessions and injects
- Team out-briefings / Discussion


Conclusion - Closing Remarks - Key Takeaways




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