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Peter Rutten

Peter Rutten Vialle Autogas Systems B.V
Managing Director

Since 2001 involved with Vialle.

Studied Marketing added by a broad variety of international educations.

11 yr Marketing management functions in Plastics industry (eg European Marketing Programs Mgr GE Plastics)

7 yr General Management functions & Turnaround specialist at Kitchen-appliance companies (eg ATAG)

18 yr General Manager at Vialle.

Renewed Vialle in 2002 and 2015, leading to the worldwide position as a Smart Innovator with challenging technologies, always advance of competition.

Under his management Vialle grew a portfolio of fuel systems for luid LPG, developed technologies for various car manufacturers and developed as first liquid LPG-solutions for DI-engines, Tuk-Tuks as well as DME applications for Trucks.

Vialle owns an impressive patents portfolio, of which the latest involve the development of DirectBlue,  a perfect, easy to apply and care free LPG-system for DI-cars.

His main challenge now is to convince the market, decision makers and influencers about the fact that DirectBlue has the ideal Environmental Footprint to bridge the gap to a zero emission era.

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