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Hosted at the 32nd World LPG Forum & 2019 European Congress in Amsterdam in September 2019, the World LPG Challenge '19 as a call to companies, startups, and to engage the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry, in order to solve a proposed challenge.


Topic: Safety & Training

LPG is a by-product of crude oil and natural gas production and used by billions of people around the world as a clean, portable and versatile energy source, especially for cooking. The LPG industry is over 100 years old and is seeking new ideas from start-ups and entrepreneurs to refresh a very important aspect of the business.

Like all fuels, unless they are stored and handled properly, they can present risks. The LPG industry has a long history of encouraging the safe use of LPG and the resulting track record is very good. This track record has been achieved through a strong focus on safety throughout the LPG industry which has been directed at all stakeholders, especially staff, contractors and consumers. This focus has been supported by the use of technologies, training and education, backed up by a strong safety culture.

As technologies continue to advance, and new training and education solutions emerge, there will be opportunities for the LPG industry to launch new safety solutions and new safety training opportunities supported by a refreshed safety culture. Enter the World LPG Challenge and present your ideas on how the LPG industry can achieve this!

Ideas of where new solutions may enhance safety could include any of these below, although there
are likely many, many other ideas. We’d like to hear them. 

- New technologies to improve & expand training for consumers & professionals in the LPG industry
or allied industries;
- Enhanced leak detection & provision of a faster or automated response;
- Improvements to processes to conduct inspection and repairs;
- Enhanced product odorant retention/detection;
- IoT to integrate LPG accessories with appliances and home safety solutions/detectors (eg. Smart
home devices);
- Solutions that provide resiliency via LPG in the case of natural disasters;
- Technologies for gas appliances that improve safety;
- A radical approach to refresh the culture of safety in organisations to make safety more interesting
and appealing.


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